Winter 2015 in Portugal

In an effort to do something a little different, and to continue the competitive momentum I was building throughout 2014, Steph, Cohen and I will spend January to April of 2015 in Portugal.

We've had a wonderful but challenging first six months of parenthood.  Our little guy is an amazing happy fellow, but he has reflux, remains quite small and needs to feed lots.  For all those parents out there, I am sure you will remember the late night feeds, interupted sleep and early wake ups of the first year.  For us, and especially my wife, the has been the hardest and biggest challenge of parenthood thus far.  We are both ready for a change of scenery.

As we head into the cool wet pacific northwest winter, we knew this was an opportunity to explore somewhere new and to travel for a few months.  Steph is on maternity leave through June, and my job at the range, is well, quiet this time of year.  Its a perfect time to take off.  After a process of elimiantion, we both excitedy settled on Southern Portugal.  I did a little searching and came across the Algarve Pro Tour, a division of the UK based Jamega Tour, which runs a winter series throughout the Algarve.  We found accomodation easily, car rentals are cheap and flights made sense.  So for the next three months, I will practice, compete and hopefully teach a little throughout the Algarve, we'll explore the beaches and coastal towns, as well as sample the wines and flavours of Portugal.

Competitively, I am very much looking forward to the opportunity.  It has been many years since I spent a winter practicing in a golf desitination.  Usually my game is put on hold for the three to four month winter season.  This wasn't ideal and I often felt rusty and in need of competitive rounds before the main season began.  Spending the winter in Portugal, will provide the time, rounds and competitve practice, to ensure the best possible preperation for 2015. 

I will update scheudle and results via twitter and the web, so follow along as we explore the Algarve.